December RV Specials

Now that December has arrived, and the weather is getting quite chilly, it’s time to stock up on necessary items for your Philadelphia RV! Here we have a few helpful items that will make your ride and drive more efficient. To make it even better, these items are all on special in our catalog!

For Cleaning
Depending on how much you have used or plan to use your motorhome this season, this might come in handy big time! From odors to messes, Aqua-kem has come up with a great solution to your waste. Of course, this is not anyone’s favorite subject, which is why Aqua-kem is so great. It keeps what happens in the bathroom out of your mind with the utmost odor control, driving or not. The chemical makeup of this product is safe for the systems treating water aboard your RV. As an added bonus, it’s environmentally friendly!

For Drinking
If you’re a lover of tea or coffee, this one’s for you! The maker of this handy heater, Road Pro, knew exactly how to contour a pot. The Smart Car Pot heats up water for everything from beverages to soup in a matter of minutes. It’s specifically designed to be slip resistant and stay solidly in place. There is even a safety feature that shuts it off once the cycle has completed. This pot is so convenient that it plugs right into the lighter. That kind of ease is hard to beat!

For Space
One thing all RVers enjoy more of is space. To add a little bit more kitchen to your motorhome, we have the countertop extension available from Camco. These oak pullouts attaches easily to the counter already in place. The piano hinge allows the extra to be folded down when necessary.

Have you used any of these items for your RV? Let us know which ones you like best and feel free to leave usage suggestions for others to see in the comments below!


Celebrate Souderton’s 125th Anniversary in 2012!

fretz souderton pa rv dealerI love that my RV Dealership has been a part of the Souderton community for over 65 years, and I am excited that this coming year the Borough of Souderton will celebrate its 125th Anniversary!

The theme for the 125th Anniversary is “Celebrating Tradition, Working Together, Moving Forward”

The kick off of the year long celebration was at the annual Holiday Parade on December 3, 2011.  Throughout 2012 Souderton will be holding several events to commemorate the anniversary. In January and February the borough will host ice skating at Souderton Community Park followed by a Jail and Bail Lock Up event in March. In May there will be a big Memorial Day community picnic, so look for more information in the paper.

There are several commemorative items for sale, including a commemorative book that was delivered in time for the holidays. There are also, t-shirts, glasses and posters available. All items are at the Souderton Borough Office during normal business hours.

We hope you will join in the celebration and feel proud to be a part of this closely knit community, rich in history and tradition. The employees at Fretz RV sure are!


Introducing the Fretz RV Notifier System

PA RV Dealer

At our RV Dealership are always trying to discover the best way to help you find your dream RV.

Many people have a specific guideline for what they want in their first, or next, RV. Unfortunately, we cannot carry every type of RV that is out on the market, but we can do our best to find the one that you want.

We now have a RV Notifier system built in to our Website. All you have to do is go to our site and look for the rotating banner. Wait for the banner about the RV Notifier and click on it.

Fill in all of the blanks, including all the information on your dream RV. Once you have completed the form, we will search our inventory every hour to find a RV matching your specific criteria.

When new inventory arrives and we get a match, we’ll email a picture to you, along with a description, price and a link with more details.

You will never get the same RV emailed to you twice, and you can edit your guidelines or remove yourself from the notifier system at any time.

This is just one of many ways that Fretz RV can help our customers however we can. How can we help you?


Fretz RV’s Second Stop on Route 66: St. Louis

pa rv dealerUS. Route 66 was established in 1926 and served as the main path for Americans to migrate to the western parts of the country. The road served as an economic lifeline to the communities along the route.

It was those business owners along Route 66 that created the US Highway 66 Association, responsible for publicity of the Highway and to serve as a voice for the business owners along the route.

The first publicity event for the Association was called the Bunion Derby, a footrace from California to New York City. The runners ran on U.S Route 66 to Chicago, then continued on to New York. The winner was a Cherokee man from Oklahoma, who won $25,000 for his efforts.

The Association continued to be actively involved in U.S. Route 66 until it disbanded in 1976.

Enough of the history of Route 66 for now. Let’s talk about the second stop in our cross country RV trip on U.S Route 66: St. Louis, Missouri.

pa rv dealer

Sites that can’t be missed:

Forest Park, once home to the 1904 World’s Fair, is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. It has 12 million visitors a year with world-class attractions and scenic walking trails. Other points of interest include the Jewel Box, a beautiful greenhouse filled with magnificent floral displays and the World’s Fair Pavilion.

Take a 630-foot ride to the top of the Gateway Arch for the finest view in the City. Then stop by the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial to get a glimpse of where Lewis and Clark set out on their historic expedition!

Diners, Dives and Drive-ins:

The Iron Barley is north of downtown St. Louis on Virginia Street. You will find a great selection of beer and food that goes great with beer. They also have live music from time to time.

Sweetie Pies Kitchen at the Mangrove. This place is known as St. Louis’ Best Soul Food. Located just west of downtown St. Louis, you will find the best of comfort food including peach cobbler, fried catfish and pot roast. Yum!

These are just a few suggestions from a city that has a lot to offer.  Take plenty of time to learn about St. Louis and it’s history, it’s a great city. If you have any suggestions for our readers about Route 66 or St. Louis, please include them in the comments below.

Stay tuned for our next installment of Fretz RV’s Trip on U.S. Route 66!





Apps For Your PA RV Trips

RV Dealer NJ, Jayco Dealer PA

There are over 500,000 apps available now for you to download on your smartphone or tablet.  500,000!  You can find an app that will do anything from providing you a recipe, to letting you have a light saber fight with a friend.  With all the clutter out there how do you find an app that might actually be useful?  Here are a few simple, but very useful apps for your next RV trip:

The Weather Channel

This practical app is great for planning your next move and helping you map out your RV road trips. TWC app links you to The Weather Channel, and gives you real time updates of weather in any area.  It also includes a look at a live radar so you track a storm or any other in-climate weather you might be driving towards. You can also get an hourly look at the forecast or see a 10 day forecast for any area you plan on RVing to. (Free)

AllStays Camp & RV

This is a great app that was built with RVers in mind. The AllStays app has maps, satellite images and depending on what kind of campground you are looking for, it will populate a map. This app shows you where rest stops are, where you can find the nearest dump stations, and even where you may run into low bridges. You can even look up data without any service!  ($5.99)


If you enjoy cooking, this is a great app for you. AllRecipes gives you over 40,000 easy recipes that you can filter through by specifications like ingredients, dish type, cook time amounts, and more. With this great app, you can spruce up your RV mealtimes and be sure to keep it fun and interesting in your RV kitchen.  (Free)


This is a great app to use for music when the radio becomes monotonous or when you can’t seem to tune into a clear station. Pandora lets you create your own custom “radio station.”  You can choose an artist, song or genre you like and Pandora will customize a station with similar sounding music to fit any mood for tunes you may find yourself in.  (Free)

What apps do you use on your RV trips?  Do you use an app that was made specifically for RVing?


PA RVers: There Is A New Way To Find The Best Gas Prices!

The other day I was flipping channels and I stopped on a documentary that looked like it was a few years old.  I am not sure what the documentary was about, but it caught my eye because they were filming in front of a gas station and gas prices were 88 cents a gallon!  88 cents!  These days it is easy to forget that gas didn’t always cost you an arm and a leg.  Luckily, technology has been on the RVers side in recent years.  First, websites popped up devoted to giving you tips on the cheapest local gas, then news stations started doing nightly reports on the gas stations and their current price per gallon, and while that was definitely helpful where did that leave RV travelers?  Sure, you could catch the news or check the internet for every time town you pass through, but that wasn’t always convenient.

RV Dealership

A few weeks ago a new app for smart phones came out that will allow you to instantly look at gas prices wherever your RV takes you.  The GasBuddy app uses GPS technology to determine your current location and display the gas stations close to you.   For every gas station near your location the app will display  fuel types offered, distance, prices and a map.  Best of all… the app is free!  If you feel like being a helpful consumer, you participate in keeping the app updated by reporting gas prices you find at any gas station.  If you help update the app you will be entered into prize giveaways.  (Every week the organization that designed GasBuddy gives away a $250 gas card.)

I am excited to see this new app in action the next time I take my motorhome out.  Do you think this is a helpful app?  What else do you use to make sure you get the best price when you fill up your RV?


PA Motorhome Owners: Do You Have Any “Bonus” Features?

RV owners treat their RVs like a second home.  (In some cases it is a RV enthusiasts only home.)  We love to spend time in our RVs and make them feel like they are our own.  People either come to a RV Dealership looking for a RV with every feature they want or they seek out a RV they can customize.  Customization is nearly endless when it comes to RVs, but here a few common upgrades RV buyers ask for:

RV Dealer

  • A rotating television. The majority of motorhomes come with a TV that is mounted inside a cabinet and can not be moved.  More and more people are choosing to mount a flat-screen onto a rotating mount so you can turn and swivel the television and view it from anywhere in your RV.
  • No hassle flooring. Between all your camping adventures and the amount of family and friends that go through your RV, your floors can become a huge pain to maintain.  To combat hours of floor cleaning, a lot of people are installing low maintenance floors throughout their RV.  Consider replacing your carpet with tile, vinyl, or laminate wood.  If you love your RV carpet, but hate cleaning it consider putting an tile (or any other low maintenance flooring) in the high traffic areas of your RV.  (The doorway, the drivers area, the kitchen area, etc.)
  • Separate vanity and toilet. More and more people are beginning to desire this layout because it allows one occupant to use the facilities, while another can wash their hands or brush their teeth.  In a vehicle with one bathroom, this small feature can make a big difference in convenience.
  • Windows, windows, and more windows. As odd as it sounds, I hear a lot of RVers wish they had more windows in their motorhome.  One of the things that draws people to RVing is the ability to enjoy the outside with the convenience of modern technology.  If you feel like you could use more windows in your RV, your RV Dealer can easily install another window.  (Or two!)

What is your favorite feature on your RV?  Did it come with a “bonus feature” or did you add one?



PA RVers: Go See The Fall Foilage In Your RV!

It is getting to be the time of year where RV trips wind down and RV owners start looking in to RV winter storage, but before you do consider a fall foliage drive.  In certain areas of the country this can be one of the nicest times of year for a weekend camp out that includes good weather and beautiful scenery.  Since the state of Pennsylvania has over 17 million acres of state park land, we have some beautiful areas in our state to view the fall foliage.  For a great fall RV trip drive down PA SR 18.  This road will allow you to see the scenery and make a few stops at farmers markets, historic villages, and pumpkin patches.  If you feel like take a longer drive here are a few of the most beautiful places in our country to experience the fall sights:

motorhome rentals PAMassachusetts – Mohawk Trail

This amazing trail is a 63 mile journey from the Massachusetts/New York border to the Connecticut River.  This is one of the most famous fall foliage trails and it includes attractions like The Bridge of Flowers, state forests and Indian hiking trails.

motorhome rentals PA

New Hampshire – Mt. Washington

The colors on Mt. Washington are unreal.  You can see every fall color imaginable on this route.  If you want a break from driving your RV, Mt. Washington offers fall foliage guided cruises.  The cruises started September 27th and run through the middle of October.  Each cruise includes dinner and is around $43 per adult.

motorhome rentals PA

New York – The Catskills

The Catskills are about a three hour drive from Philadelphia and is definitely worth the time it takes to get there.  Their color changing season lasts about six weeks, and some people claim visiting this area is an even better fall foliage trip than going to Vermont or Maine.

If you haven’t ever taken your RV out on a trip to watch the leaves change, you need to do it as soon as you can.  Your entire family will enjoy the scenery and it is a great trip to take before you put your RV into storage.  If you would like to take a fall foliage trip, but you don’t own a RV we would be happy to talk to you about RV rentals!  Does your family have a RV fall foliage trip planned? Where are you going?


Pennsylvania RVers: Do You Have The PA State Parks App?

With new breakthroughs in technology, have come amazing tools for RVers.  We have benefited from innovations like Wi-Fi, wireless radios, GPS, and most recently smart phone apps.  A few months ago the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation partnered with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to build a PA state parks mobile app.  The app has a free version and an upgraded version you can buy for $3.99.

“This mobile app will allow our visitors, while they are on-the-go, to search for park and forest locations; activities and events; get directions; share photos and even make a reservation,” DCNR Secretary Richard J. Allan said. “This project supports our conservation initiatives by reducing the need for printed material; provides the opportunity to use technology to better connect with visitors; and creates an additional revenue stream for DCNR.”

motorhomes PA

The free version will allow the user to search by activity of interest on-the-go; search by park, forest or region; stay current on park and forest events; receive news, alerts, and location-based weather updates; access park information such as hours of operation; view maps of facilities, trails and campgrounds; learn about state park or forest history; get directions; get contact information; access online reservations; network through Facebook and Twitter; and share photos on Flickr.

If you want to upgrade to the paid version it will enable you to use GPS and other mapping and hiking features.  One of the features is a built-in compass can help point to your direction; record, save and recall tracks or waypoints; and let your family and friends know your whereabouts with the alert communication feature.

Since we have over 117 state parks in our great state this seems like an app that would be very useful to all PA RVers.  Will you be downloading this app on your phone?  Do you want the free version or the paid version?


A Movie Theater, A Hotel, And A Boat…All Housed In RVs

At a RV Dealership we like to think of a motorhome as a home on wheels that is great for road trips, camping, and many other things, but more and more people and manufacturers are starting to think outside the box when it comes to the design and function of RVs.

Ever feel cramped at a movie theater?  If you have I don’t recommend Puck Cinema Caravana – it is the smallest cinema in the world and is housed inside a travel trailer.  This theater allows you to bring your own movie and snacks.  Even though it is small it can fit up to 7 people!

motorhomes PA

Rotel tours is responsible for this motorhome turned hotel.  This over sized motorhome has 24 seats and 26 small sleeping areas.  The sleeping areas in this hotel on wheels are only six feet long and three feet high!  I would personally prefer my own RV, but if you feel like traveling with a large group this could be the way to go.

motorhomes PA

For RVing and boating enthusiasts I would recommend checking out this boatorhome.  Never heard of it?  (It is okay, not many people have.) This is a Highwave Boatorhome that is made in Ontario, Canada.  They were actually introduced at the Miami International Boat Show in 1996.  The super van front detaches to reveal the boat that is the back of the motorhome.

While none of these are thing a typical RV Dealer would sell, they are all pretty cool ideas.  What would you like to make your RV become?