Enjoying A Game From The Comfort Of Your Motorhome

It is that time of year again: tailgating time!  Whether you are rooting for your favorite high school team, college team or NFL team, tailgating in your motorhome is always a good time.  I am always amazed to see hundreds of RVs parked in the lots around the stadium, but fans love to take their RVs out to the game, grill out and meet other fans and RV enthusiasts.

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If you are getting prepared for your favorite teams RV tailgating party here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be familiar with your motothome’s breaker panel.  When you have a TV, microwave, toaster oven, stereo, and other electronics plugged in all at one time you will run the risk of overloading your circuit.  Make sure you know where the GFI reset is and have a flashlight handy in case you need to reset it in the dark.
  • Have enough water/chemicals in the black tank and make sure non-RVers know what they can and can not dispose of in the toilet.  The last thing you want to have during your tailgate is a plumbing issue.
  • Start your refrigerator early.  If possible start your refrigerator a few hours before your fill it so it will not have to work as hard.  For optimal use make sure your fridge (and other electronics) are on level ground.
  • Check your RV before you head out to the tailgate.  To prevent a problem on the way to the game or on the way home make sure your RV is in top condition.  Charge your engine battery, (if it has been in storage) check your filters and tires, and look for any sign of a problem.  If your unsure of anything bring your motorhome in to our RV Dealership and we would be happy to take a look.

If you want to try out tailgating, but you don’t have a RV check out our motorhome rentals!  Do you tailgate?  What team do you love to tailgate for?


Fretz RV Supports Wounded Wear

I meet a lot of people at my RV Dealership, and I am always honored to meet a veteran or someone who is currently active in the military.  With this month bringing the 10th anniversary of September 11th, we have all taken a moment to remember those who lost their lives that day and the thousands who have lost their lives to protect us from another attack.  I recently came across a non-profit that strives to bring recognition to the sacrifices made by those fighting the war, and provides them a valuable service.

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Wounded Wear provides free clothing and clothing modifications to wounded warriors.  They give custom complimentary clothing kits to wounded service members that bear the Wounded Wear logo, and if necessary they modify the clothes and military uniforms to be worn around prosthetic or medical devices necessary for healing.  They also strive to bring recognition to wounded warriors and their families.  They want to make the Wounded Wear logo a badge of honor for those who wear it and a living symbol that embodies the military sacrifices that made the United States of America the great nation that it is, to those who see it and support it.  Want to know more about Wounded Wear?  Watch the founder discuss his non-profit:


To help support their mission we will be run a Facebook fan donation drive from now until the end of the month.  For every Facebook fan we gain we will donate $1 to Wounded Wear.  If you would like to help visit our Facebook page and click the “like” button.  We are very excited to be able to work with such an amazing charity!


RV Dealers Gather For PA RV Show

Where will you find me and 32,000 other people today?  At the largest RV show in the nation: the PA RV and Camping Show in Hershey.  Today through Sunday the show is open to the public will feature exhibits of all kinds that revolve around RVing.  The show opened in 1968 and has gained momentum since then.  The show includes two days that are open to the industry and five days that are open to the public, making it the largest hybrid show in the country.

If you would like to visit us at the show it will be open today through Saturday from 9am – 8pm and Sunday from 9am-5pm.  Admission is $9 for adults and kids 12 and under get in free.  If you come after 3pm you can get a “twilight pass” for $5.  The PA RV show is set up differently than most shows.  The Hershey show is arranged by manufacturer instead of by dealer.  You can find us at the Peterson Industries, Roadtrek motorhomes and Winnebago Industries exhibits.  If you can’t make it to the show we will beat any deal at the show, but if you are coming out stop by and say hello!

Want to know what to expect?  Check out this interview from last year with show chairman Dan Satlzgiver:


Are you going to the PA RV show this year?  What do you want to see while you are there?


Winnebago Goes Futuristic With 3D Parts Catalog

Winnebago has introduced a new 3D, interactive parts catalog that allows for a more accurate look at the part you want to order.  The system has been named the Winnebago Industries Interactive Parts or WIP.  The system is user friendly, provides a detailed look at every aspect of their RV parts, and allows a user to check on their order status and track their shipment.

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“This project was one of the most complex assignments taken on by our IT department,” said Steve Evenson. “Winnebago Industries has successfully integrated our mainframe systems, 3D viewer, as well as the shipper’s websites for tracking purposes. We created an 80 million part database to support the web-based search capabilities for our dealers. This will greatly improve the entire dealer process and their parts ordering experience.”

Winnebago hopes that their new parts catalog is not only a step forward in technology, but will also improve the customers buying experience.  WIP will allow a dealer to ensure that the right part for any Winnebago motorhome is ordered and delivered as fast as possible.

Right now the technology is just available for dealers, but if they opened it up to the public would you use it?



Pennsylvania: Have You Used Your Motorhome As A Storm Shelter?

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America has experienced a lot of natural disasters in the last few weeks: an earthquake, a hurricane and huge fires.  It is always good to be prepared for any kind of disaster, but did you know your motorhome can be used as an emergency shelter?  During a natural disaster many people are without power, but people who own RVs that are self contained will be able to stay in their RV and have electricity and running water.

The best way to make sure you can use your motorhome in case of a emergency, is to make sure your RV is fully stocked and prepared at all times.  Most people wait until a few days before they take a planned trip to prep their RV, but if you always have your RV ready to go on a trip you will be prepared for an emergency.  Here are a couple of tips on things you need to do to prepare your RV:

  • Dump both holding tanks.
  • Make sure your water, propane, and fuel tanks are all full.
  • Have a few gallons of water stored in the RV.
  • Stock your RV with food.  Make sure you have lots of canned and dried food that will not expire for a long time.
  • Have clean towels, sheets, and clothing stored.
  • Make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked.
  • Buy extra flashlights, battery powered lanterns, and batteries to keep in your RV.
  • Stock up on paper goods and cleaning supplies.  (Toilet paper, paper towels, bar soap, etc)
  • Keep a toolbox stored in the RV with any tool you might need to make a repair.

Have you ever thought of using your RV for an emergency?  Can you think of anything else to pack in your RV for an emergency situation?


Jayco Puts Its New Travel Trailer To The Test

I have always thought Jayco RVs give our customers an excellent product at a great value.  Jayco motorhomes and trailers give you a well equipped vehicle that will last you and your family for years to come.  The Skylark is Jayco’s newest travel trailer to hit the market.  The Skylark has green technology that allows the trailer to have minimum environmental impact while still giving you all the traditional comforts of a Jayco.  The Skylark not only looks good, but performs better than most trailers before it.  Jayco put the Skylark up against their 1,000 mile durability test and it passed with flying colors.  What all goes into the 1,000 mile test?  Check out the video below to see all the different road conditions used to test Jayco products:

Do you have a Jayco RV?  If you are interested in looking at a Jayco stop by my RV dealership and I would be happy to help you!


Avid RVers Are In Good Company!

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Anyone who has been behind the wheel of a motorhome can relate to the feeling of open road freedom RVs give you.  RVing is becoming increasingly popular with Americans and is being recognized as a fun, comfortable, convenient way to travel.  People everywhere are talking about RVing (and all it has to offer) and even celebrities are promoting their love of RVs.  Check out this list from RVIA of celebrities who love the RV lifestyle.

“I don’t think you can call yourself a true American until you’ve been behind the wheel of a RV…I love seeing parts of the country I wouldn’t otherwise.”   -Jeff Daniels (actor)

“You meet so many people in an RV. And they’re so friendly. I couldn’t do the research I do without one. In an RV, I can park and have everything I need.”  -Sue Henry (best selling author)

“I’ve gone from being a major league pitcher to a major league RV owner. I’ll travel roughly 5,000 miles in my RV this year. It’s a great way to see America, and as relaxed a way to see the country as there can possibly be.”  -Jim Kaat (former major league baseball pitcher)

“My team is sabotaging me by not letting me sleep in my motorhome.”  -Bode Miller (U.S. Olympic skier)

“My RV is the only place where I can find some peace and quiet.”  -Jeff Gordon (NASCAR driver)

“There’s nothing not to like about it. The freedom of being able to pull up, stop, power up anywhere you want – beach or whatever. Set up and have your front yard different every single day.”  -Matthew McConaughey (actor)

“I enjoy the RV world. I will have one until the day I die.”  -Bob Gibson (Hall of Fame major league pitcher)

“Being an RVer helps me do my job better. The RV world gives me a chance to balance things out. It allows me a sense of freedom.”  -Clarence Thomas (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)

Which of these RV quotes do you think holds true?  What would you say about RVing?



Pennsylvania RVers: Have You Ever Been In A Teardrop Trailer?

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In a world of extra luxurious RVs and RVs customized down to the drawer handles, the teardrop trailer is a break into simplicity.  The tear drop camper is perfect for one or two people who want an easy no hassle towable.  They are easy to haul, set up and pack up.  Tear drop campers are easy to haul and are named for their distinctive shape.  They normally have a bed big enough for two people, a kitchenette, and a few other features.

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These special trailers became popular right after WWII when the soldiers came home and wanted a cheap and easy way to take a vacation.  Teardrop trailers were so easy because they did not require a special hitch or vehicle to tow.  (Even a motorcycle could tow a teardrop trailer.) Since the 1970s, teardrop trailers have decreased in popularity and you would be hard pressed to find one at a RV Dealership.  Most teardrop trailers you see now are vintage trailers that have been refurbished or a trailer someone made themselves.  Although not a practical choice for a large family, teardrop trailers have a vintage feel that is hard to resist and if the video below is any indication they are really easy to set up!


Would you like to try a trip with a teardrop trailer?  Do you know anyone that has made their own?


Extreme Motorhome Races

People don’t typically go to a RV Dealer in search of a motorhome that they can race, but there are people in the world who customize their RV and prepare it to be a top contender in a RV race. When the sport first began they attempted to make it a non contact event, but that didn’t really work out.  (I think it is hard to keep giant vehicles from hitting each other on a race track.)  Now the goal of the race is knocking as much off of your RV as you can so you can create a lighter vehicle.  Most motorhome races last for 15 rounds around the track and seem to end in total destruction.  Although it seems crazy, trying it once might be fun.  Can’t picture it?  Check out this clip from the show Top Gear:

Do you think this is crazy?  Would you ever buy a motorhome from a RV Dealer for the sole purpose of racing it?


Picking The RV That Is Right For You – Towable RVs

Last time we covered Motorized RVs, but when you visit a RV Dealership you will also find a lot of towable RVs.  These trailers are designed to be towed by a car or another motorized vehicle.  They vary in size and are built to be a temporary living area for camping (or any other use.)

Towable RVs

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Travel Trailers – A typical travel trailer is towed by a bumper or a frame mounted hitch attached to the motorized vehicle and is anywhere from 12-35 feet long.  Travel trailers have a single level floor plan and can be towed by a car or a truck.  They have a lower profile than fifth wheels and are a little bit more difficult to to hitch.  Keep in mind that the larger the travel trailer is the more sway it will have when on the road.

Fifth Wheels – Fifth wheels have a raised neck that rides over the bed of the tow vehicle and requires a special fifth wheel hitch.  (The raised neck section can be referred to as a gooseneck.)  Fifth wheels have easier handling than a travel trailer and the raised section gives you a larger storage area.  Fifth wheels have a split level floor plan and due to the raised neck can not be towed by a car.  If you want to buy a fifth wheel make sure you have access to a truck you can tow it with.

Pop Up Trailers – Pop up trailers range in size, but can sleep up to eight people.  They have collapsible sides that are made of fiberglass or canvas.  They do not provide every amenity of a larger RV, but most still house conveniences like sinks, stoves, and some kind of refrigerator system.  Pop Up trailers are easy to tow, lightweight, and allow you to feel like you are open air camping.  If you are considering a pop up camper remember that you will need to use the bathroom facilities at your campsite and some models will not have a holding tank.

Do you prefer motorized RVs or towables?  If you are considering buying a RV and need help or advice we would be happy to see you at our RV Dealership!  You can also feel free to send me an email with any question you might have.